The König family, wholesalers in gold and jewellery, has been known for its quality, skills, service and selection since 1948. It is with some pride that the third generation of wholesalers now continue that tradition, which is more than 70 years in the making. Innovative collections and unparalleled classics: jewellery and diamonds are in our DNA and it shows.

We continue to innovate and modernise to give you flawless service and quality. Today, Jacques König is strengthening its market presence with the creation of JACQUES KÖNIG ONLINE - your personal showroom, a modern e-commerce platform.

JACQUES KÖNIG’s ONLINE CATALOGUΕ, a true showroom on the Internet, offers all the benefits of the latest technologies so that you can examine, deliberate, and buy via the Internet, wherever you are. Start your virtual journey with us and discover the easiest way to find the right items and advance your own business.

Our online collection is the go-to source for every jeweller: 100% Made in Italy – a guarantee of the most exquisite fine jewellery. As ever, our expertise, quality, choice of materials, finish and design set Jacques König apart. This new collection deserves a completely new online platform where you can discover the wide range of products. We have been doing this successfully for our brands for over ten years.

Use this link or the button below to discover the collection.

Jacques and Ruven König